Turf Surgeon

Turf Surgeon
  • Brush assisted Clean up System
  • Working depth down to 2 ¼”
  • 3 unique blade options
  • Can also be used to spike
  • Collection hopper sufficient for a full green
  • 1” blade spacing
  • 53” working width

The all new ED130 TURF SURGEON from RotaDairon is the most versatile verticutter/dethatcher available to date. With a patented collection system, the TURF SURGEON sweeps dispatched material into a hopper sufficient for one full green. The hopper is hydraulically tipping, allowing you to dump material from the tractor seat.

The TURF SURGEON offers three blade options for a variety of applications, working at variable blade spacing widths down to 1”. No matter what the blade choice, the TURF SURGEON has an ultra-high blade tip speed, performing an extremely clean cut. The sweep system collects 99.9% of dispatched material, making it totally clean in ONE PASS. Without the PTO engaged, the rollers can be moved to an up position, allowing you to also use the TURF SURGEON for spiking.

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